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The best all around Thai Dipping Sauce!!

PREP TIME: 3 Minutes


Nam Phrik

All Thai Dishes have an element of heat or spicy to them. When you travel anywhere in Thailand and eat the local cuisine chances are high you will see this condiment on the table. It is a salt and pepper alternative that I find enjoyable. Its super awesome with fried rice, or plain rice. Its also fast and easy to make.

Whan eats a spoonful of the chilis with a little of the sauce while I like just a couple chilis with a little sauce. With Omelettes, fried rice, steamed rice, or soups that need some salty flavor this is a go-to item.

We use MSG (monosodium glutamate) in this recipe and you can substitute Sea Salt if you prefer.

Don't let all those green chili's scare you away from its flavor profile!!



Phrik Nam Pla

Table top chili sauce to be used as needed;

  • Thai Birds Eye Chilis (red and green) - 10-12

  • Fish Sauce - 1.5 tablespoons

  • MSG - 1/2 teaspoon (sea salt can be substituted)

  • Key Lime or Lime Juice - 1/2 key lime or 1 teaspoon lime juice


Step 1 - Prepare the ingredients


Step 2 - combine all ingredients into 1 bowl and stir

We keep this around the table with the salt and pepper when eating. Refrigerate when not in use and it will keep for a few weeks.


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