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Make your own Chili Powder

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

For those of you who like heat, spicy chili powder is easy to make and can be stored as a dry spice to add as a topper for dishes. this dry powder is to be used to your taste. We use it with soups, on eggs, and to mix with other spices to create rubs.

we start with about a kilo of dried chilies. The red ones or what type you want to make a powder with. Here we use Thai Birdseye chili’s though it can be with any.


Step 1

dump the chilies into the wok and turn the heat to medium. Fair notice here that you may want to use a mask and open a window while charring the chilies. Stir them up until they look brown and black

Like this


step 2

dump the chilies into a mortise and pestle for mincing. Of course you can use a food processor or blender, we just think it’s better the old school way. The flakes are just not easy with a blender or food processor. Oh and in case your wondering the pestle is the wand looking thingy and the mortise is the bowl.