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Fried Whole Tilapia

PREP TIME: 10 Minutes

COOK TIME: 15-20 Minutes

Pla Taut

Fish deep fried whole until Crispy on the outside and juicy tender on the inside. We love this dish for breakfast served with rice and a vegetable on the side. Any fish available to you can be prepared the same way. For this recipe we use Tilapia though when we get fresh seabass or snapper we cook it the same way.

As with all fishy dishes this page contains photos of raw cleaned fish that may be graphic for some.



pretty simple on this list;

Serves 3-4 people;

  • Cleaned whole fish - head removed

  • Vegetable Cooking Oil - 2 cups

  • Salt - a pinch

  • Paper towels

  • Cabbage or leek or onion as a garnish

​* The type of oil you prefer can be substituted here. Olive, Coconut, Grapeseed, and Canola all lend a different flavor and are your choice.


Step 1

Prepare the fish